Difference between Caches and Cookies How to Clear

Caches and Cookies try to improve the user experience and performance of websites. These are two different forms of temporary storage keep in user’s machine. Both store data in user machine but serve the different purpose. Before going into deeper, first, let’s know what Caches and Cookies are actually.

caches and cookies


What is Cookies?

Cookies are the small piece of information stored in your web browser by the websites you visit. Cookies contain – Password, browser’s name, your IP Address, date and time of your visit etc. This piece of information will help you in providing a better experience when you visit the same website again.

Every time when the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookies to the server and notifies user’s previous activity.
Cookies help in tracking information of user like how frequently user visits, times of visits, which button the user clicks, user preferences etc. Mainly cookies are usually used to store information need for short time periods

Cookies are created by Websites Developer while coding the website. Cookies have array data type.
The developer defines it certain life span. At the end of this, cookies become expired.

Cookies help the user in providing a personalised experience with the website.

What are Caches?

Cache means ‘saved’. Caches are also a temporary storage of web documents like HTML pages, Images. Caches reduce the server load, bandwidth. Browser’s cache system stores copies of documents passing through it. Web cache system is a software.

For Example, When you visit a website having a lot of videos and images. This large content on a website might take a considerable amount of time for loading the website.

The web browser stores content like images, video, audio etc. in user’s machine. When you open will open the same website next time you will find a faster loading.


What the difference between Cache and Cookies

Caches and Cookies are two different way to store data in user’s Web browser. Both caches and cookies serve a different purpose.

  • Cookies are used to store information related to user behaviour and user related, while caches used for faster web pages loading.
  • Cookies stores information such as user preferences, while caching store files like Audio, Images and flash files.
  • Cookies have an expiring time period, but cache always kept in user’s machine they are manually removed by the user.

How To Clear Cache and Cookies from the Web browser.

We can remove both caches and cookies from web browser manually.

Here in this example, you will see how to remove caches and cookies in chrome.

  1. Go to ‘Setting’
  2. Click on ‘Show advanced settings button’
  3. Scroll down and click ‘clear browsing data‘
  4. Select the check boxes
  5. Click ‘Clear browsing data‘

You can select the time of starting from when you want to erase data.


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